Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Do you know how I spell stress?  b.u.s.y.  The next eight weeks are going to be quite the busy ones here at Tire Swings, so I'm starting to get a little on edge.  Heaven help my family.  Really.

Hosting a bridal tea in my home. 
Prom (we get to go, too)
Hosting an after-prom co-ed sleepover (G rated, of course) and next day breakfast
Making sure Ren has everything needed for her school play
School play
A surprise "thank you" luncheon for some important people
Graduation (insert sad face here)
Graduation luncheon
Niece's wedding
Graduation trip

I always enjoy events such as these and look back over them with much fondness, but those last couple weeks leading up to them are tense times for me.  Is anyone else like that?  I wake up at night thinking of some minor detail which nearly always robs me of the remainder of the night's sleep.  Should I use hydrangea flowers in the centerpiece or roses?  Hmmm...Let me think that one over for about the next four hours

I use to think I would like to be a wedding/party planner, and I have many a bridal book to attest to that dream, but if the past week or so is any indication, it's a good thing I became a teacher and librarian.

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Lyndy said...

Makes me tired just readin it girl!