Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Attention Congregation: John-Heath Has Eaten All the Unleavened Bread, So Communion Is Cancelled.

Ren and John-Heath Easter 2013
So, two mornings ago when we arrived at church for Sunday School I passed my nephew, a deacon, as I made my way to my pew.  He was mentioning to someone (the pastor, I think) that there would be no communion.  I thought this was odd, as we always have communion on Easter Sunday.  Turns out, my son, who wouldn't think of eating a piece of cherry pie, has a culinary affinity for flour and water and has been caught eating from the storage container of communion wafers on more than one occasion.  And this morning, as my nephew began to prepare the communion table for the service, there was no unleavened bread to be found. 

Posing at church

Mild panic and rapid brainstorming momentarily ensued as all eyes turned to the suspected communion culprit, John-Heath.  I could run home and try to bake some prior to worship serviceSomeone could check and see if any of the grocery stores in town were open.  I even think someone mentioned tortillas as a possible last resort.

The many faces of John-Heath...trying to get that "just right" family pic.

Luckily, the wafers were not eaten and gone, only hidden.  Turns out, Jonathan (my nephew) had forgotten that he had hidden them a while back and found them during one final search attempt.  Crisis averted, John-Heath was vindicated, and we adults were able to participate in communion...not to mention a bit of crow-eating, too.


Fairhope Supply Co. said...

This is so funny! I have a son that often gets that same look on his face!

On Christmas Eve, our church ran out of bread, and the pastor took off to the back of the church where he knew there was an extra stash! I thought we were all going to have to dig through our pocket-books and pass our mints forward to be blessed!

You know your nephew has a great chance of growing up to be a pastor! That's what happens to active little boys!

Tire Swing Mom said...

My husband and I always say that he will probably end up filthy rich or flat broke. haha!!!

Lyndy said...

I love Ren's style! She's a beautiful girl of course, but she always looks so fashionable and classy!