Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome Back, October!

Riding down the road on a rainy October night, their coats flying out behind them in the wind, come two horsemen.  As a car approaches, the riders signal for it to stop.

“Which way to Charlottesburg?”, shouts one of them and the driver of the car begins to give directions, but before the words have left his lips the two men ride off into the night.  Who are they and where do they come from?  Why do they ask everyone they meet the same question?

Motorists who have seen their faces have hurried on for they say the faces are too horrifying to describe and are the faces of men long dead.  Year after year this dreadful pair comes riding, riding out of the past, out of the world of the dead.  They come with a message to deliver.

Listen to their story and when you meet them some rainy October night you will know why they still ride.

Ahhh...October.  How I have missed your stories!

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