Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Mantel 2012

Well, here she is...Miss Fall Mantel 2012.  I know what you're thinking...she bears a striking resemblance to last year's winner.  Had I not waited until the last minute I could have done a little shopping and invested in some new pieces, but I think it still looks pretty good.  The mirror is the only new piece (and I have no idea what those criss-cross lines are you see reflecting in it).  I do like the look of this new addition, but I am still just sick over what happened to the print it replaces.

In addition to the mantel, I was finally able this weekend to do a little decorating for Halloween. John-Heath still feels we have much we should add, and he is somewhat disappointed I have not put up our Halloween mice this year, but since he's been sick most of the weekend he hasn't complained too badly. If I have time tomorrow afternoon I may just have to make that little fellow some mice.

 I love this white ceramic owl and orange plumage.  They were bought last year at Chef's Market.  I wish now I had bought another set for the other end.
 And here are, what I like to call, my headstone bookends.  Don't they look like something you'd see on an old tombstone? 

Now this isn't part of our Halloween decor (although it is somewhat of a scary feeling to look at this picture and realize how fast time goes).  This is Ren's senior picture, framed by Melanie's, and it hangs on a small wall to the right of the mantel.  Since I had the camera out I thought I'd snap a picture of it, too.

That's all for tonight.  Have a frightfully wonderful week! 


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tyla - Ang here. I know you hate what happened to the print, but the mirror above the mantel looks gorgeous in the picture you took. When I ever get that chicken salad made, I'll have to come check it out myself!

Michelle said...

A job nicely done!