Monday, August 22, 2011

What's That You Say, Sonny? Granny Can't Hear Too Well.

Okay, I will admit that I may be somewhat overdue for a girls' night out with my friend Clairol, but I think some youngster needs glasses.

Tonight, at the JV football game John-Heath was playing at the top of the bleachers with one of his little buddies from 1st grade when he got just a little too rowdy for my taste (he wasn't being bad, mind you, but the barking and squeaking sounds he was making at people passing behind the bleachers had to stop), so I sent his dad up to patrol. While there, John-Heath introduced John to his friend. Here's how that went down.

John-Heath: This is my dad.

Friend: How old are you?

John: 48.

Friend: Wow! My grandpa is 52. Who's that down there (pointing at me)? Is that your mom or grandma?

Yep. Some kid is definitely going to fail his school vision screening.

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