Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The County Fair

What one does at the county fair can often depend on the age, gender, and interests of one's children. One of these days I fancy that I might like to enter something from my garden in a contest and win myself a blue ribbon. Of course, I would probably produce something that would give Aunt Bee's pickles a run for their money.

Our county's annual fair was held this past week and and we were there on Thursday evening -first, to support Ren in her attempt at the Teen Fairest of the Fair crown and then, if he promised to be good during the pageant and sit somewhat patiently, to take John-Heath around to ride some of the rides.

Ren wore the same dress she wore in the Strawberry Festival and, although she came up a little short this time, still looked beautiful and did such a good job. A couple of my friends from school were there and one of them said that was not the Ren he knew.

She decided to go down just a smidgen in her heel height this time from low to extra low. When you're almost 5'11 you don't need a tall heel. I also chose not to spray paint these shoes gold to better match her dress as I had her old ones. I don't think it made a big difference, though.

If there's one thing I wish I had done differently, it would have been done months ago when we bought the dress. We bought it off the rack at the shoppe. I have learned since to ask the store to order one in the correct size, and not be suckered into keeping the one they have on hand. The store took a large-sized dress and said that it would be faster to just alter it to fit. Being new to the whole pageant thing I didn't think it would make a difference. It does. Even though it's a beautiful gown and looks lovely and graceful on her, it still just looks too big in some areas.

I wish I had a picture of her with her fan. The fair board gave all the girls old-fashioned "church fans" to use in an attempt to stay cool as they waited under the tent to go on (the heat index was 100+ that day). We knew how hot it would be and how much our daughter sweats (like the proverbial mule). So we purchased her a portable, battery-operated fan and it was the best $8.99 I've ever spent. Another of the girls had one just like it, too. It reminded me of something Suzanne Sugarbaker would have done.

When it was all said and done, she placed as the 2nd runner-up. Here she is with the other winners. See what I mean about the dress being a tad big?

And here she is with two of her very best friends.

And with my niece Megan - Ren's personal make-up artist. Megan has many titles and tiaras to her name, including the 2006 Fairest of the Fair.

Finally, it was time to get out of the dress and just sit back and relax while watching the Miss division of the pageant. Here's Ren with my aunt and cousin who were there to watch the pageants, too.

And, last but not least, it was John-Heath's turn to have some fun. John got him started and I caught up with them a little later. He loved the slide and rode it over and over and over and ov...

How can you go to the fair and not ride the carousel?

And since he's nuts about planes anyway, he had to give them a whirl. But I think his favorite part of the night was getting to go inside the portable command center set up by the city police. They stocked him up on plenty of sticker badges (one of which made its way onto one of my kitchen cabinets) and ID kits.

My little girl left happy. My little boy left happy. It was a good night.

P.S. I usually try to proofread before posting, but I'm tired. Getting back into the routine of things these past two days has hit me hard. I'll try to correct mistakes tomorrow. So if you should find some tonight...well, if you're as tired as I am you won't notice them. Goodnight, friends.


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

I didn't notice any typos! LOL! What a beautiful girl you hav. She looked gorgeous! The carousel is STILL a favorite of mine. Looks like John Heath is having a great time.
Hope your new school year is going well. We start next week. This time of the year is always bittersweet for me.

Farmchick said...

She is a beauty!

Heather said...

As always, your post was terrific. You must have been so proud of Ren. She looked absolutely beautiful. Will she be participating in more pageants?