Friday, March 4, 2011

Unless You Like Being Publicly Dressed Down... probably shouldn't go and tick off a kindergartner, especially one wearing a tie who thinks he's on the payroll.

This post is here only to serve as a reminder to me, in years to come, of a most hilarious confrontation my five-year-old had with someone yesterday afternoon at my school. Ohhhh, how I wish I could tell you. My fingers are just aching to type out the words. Alas, I can't. Maybe one day we can meet in person and then I'll be glad to tell it all.

It is really amazing how observant children are, even when you may think they're not paying attention.

John-Heath, you and your sister are always good for the laugh in a "Live, Love, Laugh" world.


Farmchick said...

I work with small children and the tales I could tell! But, I don't...although they are priceless.

Emily said...

Wanted to stop by and say thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog.
I have two young boys and the things that they say both surprise me and make me laugh!