Saturday, March 5, 2011

These Are a Few of His Favorite Things

Tonight, during commercial breaks as he sat in my lap watching A Bug's Life, John-Heath and I started talking about our favorite things. I would ask him what his favorite so-and-so was and he would answer and then say, "Now what are you going to ask me?", and I'd ask another until it was time to unmute the t.v. and return to watching Hopper get eaten by a bunch of hungry baby birds.

Speaking of commercials, my most favorite button on the remote has to be "mute". I detest listening to most commercials and get particularly perturbed at the ones that insist on being several decibels higher than the actual show.

Tomorrow night I'll have to post Ren's answers to these questions but for tonight, here are John-Heath's.

Favorite color
("because I like the sun")
Favorite song
"I'll Fly Away"
Favorite Food
(he is his grandfather's grandson)
Favorite show or movie
Favorite season
summer and snow days
Favorite class at school
art and muskit (music)
Favorite game to play in PE
(it's a game of tag in which you are chased by "ghosts")
Least favorite game to play
(he doesn't think he's good at throwing and catching. So, he probably won't be an athlete. That's okay. I doubt Bill Gates lettered in anything ;)


Amy said...

I love "interviewing" my kids! It's so amazing to hear what they'll come up with! I've given you an award over on my blog! Come over and check it out!


Tina said...

awe...I love his answers. Any time I spend 'alone time'with my grandkids in the car, we ask each other a lot of questions like that. We get to know each other pretty well like that.

Farmchick said...

My least favorite game was ball, also. And, I think I turned out okay! Great list by John-Heath!