Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank Heavens...

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Boy! I am so glad it’s Friday. On one hand it seems as if this has been a long week but, then again, it has been a busy one, what with tending to the sick ones in the house, so it seems to have gone by kinda quick, too. Did that even make any sense?

As you know, Ren has had the flu - a bad case of it, I might add - and missed the entire week of school. She was feeling much, much better today but I decided, since it was Friday, to let her stay home and work on all the make-up work that’s been sent home. Plus, even though the worst is over she is still weak from not having had a lot to eat these past few days.

About mid-week I think I developed a case of the same flu bug, but since I was able to immediately start on the Tamiflu mine has been very mild. I was off yesterday and I’m still pretty achy today but decided to come on in to work. I had a book vendor that had scheduled an appointment with me earlier in the week for 9 this morning so I drug myself in for that. Of course, the vendor never showed. Take a wild guess at how much business I’ll do with this person.

Anyway, John-Heath is still healthy but today I asked our local doctor to prescribe a liquid form of Tamiflu for him just in case it hits him tonight or over the weekend. There’s nothing more awful than getting sick on a weekend. The worst case of strep I ever had in my life was once when I knew my throat was becoming more and more sore but I didn’t decide to go to the doctor until about one o’clock on a Friday, only to find out his office closed at noon on Fridays. By Sunday, I thought I was dying.

Well, friends, that’s about all we’ve been up to this week. I hope you all have a wonderful, flu-free weekend.


Heather said...

Boy, no wonder your happy it's Friday! You've had quite a week. There is nothing worse than when the flu bug goes around the household. You are lucky that you caught it before it got too bad. Hope you have a restful weekend!

Farmchick said...

Glad to hear you let Ren stay home and have some more recovery time. The flu can be so terrible. Hope John Heath doesn't come down with it. We have finished our first full week of school since....I am not sure!

Tyla said...

Heather, it has been quite the week. I'm ready for a peaceful weekend.

Farmchick, I think, between the snow and the sicknesses, I have only had one full week of since we got out for Christmas. I'm so ready for spring and good health.