Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today, I want to send out birthday wishes to my favorite niece. Megan is now 23. I was a senior in high school the year she was born and I remember my nephew Shane, her brother, running down the hallway at school to tell me, “Momma had her baby!”

Until I had children of my own she was my child. And, of course, she was none too happy to relinquish that role when Ren was born seven years later. I remember when Ren was only a few weeks old being at my sister’s house where everyone was oohing and ahhing over her - everyone except Megan, who shouted “all ya’ll care about is that dumb baby” and took leave to her room where she packed her bags intent on running away. Moments later, she re-entered the living room and interrupted the newborn baby worship with this announcement, “I’ve got my phone and some clean panties and I’m going to the building.” Evidently, she didn’t want to run too far, as the building was just off the back patio.

Happy birthday, Meg-Peg! I’m sorry you were disappointed in not retaining your role as my beneficiary, but you are still my favorite niece ;)

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Farmchick said...

Sweet tribute to your favorite niece. Nothing like being pushed aside for a newborn. lol