Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Turtle Ducks and a Partridge in a Parrot Tree

I love it when my five-year-old sings to me before our his nap time.

I also love how he...

Enjoys a nice cup of joe (decaf, of course) and has tried to order one at the Barrel on more than one occasion.

Has informed the office staff at his school that he is now a doctor - "a medical doctor, not like Dr. Stafford" (his principal).

Spreads his hands apart in a mystical way and says "it's all the vaz" whenever he thinks something is awesome. We have no idea what "the vaz" is, but we're guessing it's pretty great.

Until recently, called the bullets for his Nerf guns "needles".

I also love how he set the table for dinner tonight without even being asked. Yes, we all had two knives and no plates but it was the thought the counted.

Well, I'm off to join in on a rousing game of Toy Story 3 Memory. Have a great night, one and all!


Julie Harward said...

How sweet these years are...better than gold! Daring son :D

Tina said...

Oh how I love children...and the funny things they say and do! Are you keeping a family journal? We kept one for years. So many memories would have been lost without it!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I may borrow "it's all the vaz." It sounds like it must be way cool!
Five year olds are spectacular, aren't they?

Farmchick said...

Glad you are enjoying these early years. My son is now a teenager and it is not quite the same! lol