Saturday, January 15, 2011

Her Name is Chena and She... probably not dancing across the sand today, but she is celebrating her birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend! I won't reveal her new number here - that just wouldn't be very tactful, but I will say she is older, MUCH older, than me.

Chena and I grew up close to each other throughout most of our school years. In fact, so close did we live to each other that she was an auditory witness to a few of the many times I wound up in trouble.

In high school she was one of my constant friends (even during the times we might not be speaking to each other). Together, we sailed through 80's pop music, twist beads, sticker and button collections, scary movies (a certain vibrating pillow that once scared me to the point of peeing my pants while watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind just now), guy talk (he was not a block head! He just had a strong jaw line), trips to the mall, and even the Challenger explosion - it just so happened we were out of school for snow that day and watched it on television at her house. Later, she served as one of the bridesmaids at my wedding, gladly wearing a peach colored gown with puffy sleeves.

Today, we still live in the same town and get together every once in a while to eat out, catching up on what's new and reminiscing about the good ol' days. Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday, my friend!

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Farmchick said...

A nice tribute to your friend.