Monday, February 20, 2012

Countdown to Prom

My how things can change. Only a month or so ago Ren was absolutely dead set against going to her prom. Words like stupid, ridiculous, and should be just for seniors were commonplace anytime I approached the subject of it with her. But let a girl find a nice guy to go with and just the right dress and she's now singing a different tune, albeit in her normal laid back way.

Now the hair appointment is made and the "make-up artist" (cousin Meg) is lined up and today we will return to The White Room to pick up her dress, which was purchased a couple weeks ago but had to be ordered to get a size that is a better fit (plus, it'll be new and not one that was tried on by two hundred other girls and their deodorants).

After trying on about a gazillion dresses, Ren, along with her entourage of three, decided upon a Sherri Hill. You can see a bit of it above. It is a lovely dress, and one just a little different than the others she's owned. I have to say, and forgive me while I brag a bit, I thought my daughter was absolutely beautiful in it, even if she wasn't wearing any makeup that day and had her hair just thrown up in a messy bun.

Another great thing about this dress...she already has the shoes and earrings to match, which made her dad very happy.


Michelle said...

Can't wait to see some pics of her in it!

Heather said...

How fun! I remember prom dress shopping with my daughter last year...we tried on millions of dresses! You're so lucky that she has the shoes. I love the red, by the way!

Tire Swing Mom said...

Michelle, I'll be sure to post some (of course, it's still a little ways out...April 28, I think).

Heather, I hope you were more patient than me. haha. I love the red, too, but Ren's is actually more of a coralish shade of orange. We thought it might better suit her skin tone. Although, she's worn red before and it worked, too.