Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Close Call or Two

Last night turned out to be an evening of close calls.

First, our boys basketball team won an exciting game over a private school I have long detested by one point with a last second shot in the first round of the district tournament. Now, I'm just a fan and I really know next to nothing about the game, but I think it's the best I've seen our guys play all year. Oh, I do know one thing, though...Bye Bye, Cougars!

While at the game, John-Heath, returning from one of his many trips to the bathroom, lobby, and/or hospitality room (being the kid of an AP has its perks), shows up with a box of popcorn from the concession stand (he had no money) and proclaims (in a tone reminiscent of Delmar at his baptism in O, Brother Where Art Thou), "The concession stand is closed and the popcorn is free."

Turns out, there were free boxes of popcorn on a table as we left. So, John-Heath grabbed another to take to Ma-Ma and Pa Gene.

Now, my mother is very impressed with how well John-Heath is reading to be only six and while at her house (dropping off the free popcorn) she wanted him to demonstrate for my sister who had arrived shortly after us.

"He can read anything. Just listen. John-Heath, read this to Sissy." At which point, she picks up a local paper that she had not yet read herself and hands it to him to read, pointing at the headline.

He begins..."Man accused of watching wife have..." and that was all he got out before, luckily, my mother realized the error of her way and snatched it away from him. She was mortified, John-Heath was intrigued by the commotion and tried to get the paper back, and the rest of had a good laugh at mom's expense.

Considering what the headline turned out to be, it was a very close call, indeed.


Michelle said...

lol Too funny! Go John Heath!

Anonymous said...

Well, unfortunately I knew what was coming as I read your blog, and even as old as we are, it still bothers me somewhat that such news has to be a headline. I know it's awful, and in and of itself, it is news (I guess), but I really wish that kind of 'news' wasn't splattered all over the front of every news stand. I know, I know, it's all over every media and music source, but does that make it OK? Anyway, I'm glad your mom's reaction times are still great!!! -Angie :)

Tire Swing Mom said...

Angie, I'm with you. I think, especially as a small town paper, maybe the headline could have been a little more discrete. And, yes, I'm glad mom still has a pretty good response time. lol