Monday, October 17, 2011

I Might Finish Decorating for Fall by Christmas.

Hello again, friends. This past week was our fall break. I apologize for not posting any during that time. However, because our nutty coach thought it was important to practice for the weekly game, the football team had to stay in town for the duration of the break, and since our daughter is a water girl, we had to stay put, too. Staying put really kept us busy doing a lot of nothing so I just wasn't able to fit in a post. Okay, so our coach isn't really insane and I suppose I could have managed to squeeze in a little something. Anyway, today was the last day of our break and we head back to the daily grind tomorrow. Actually, the only part of my day that I consider grinding is getting up and getting ready - makes me wish I was a little like Samantha Stevens, then I could just wrinkle my nose and POOF...all ready to go.

Speaking of witches, don't you love fall? I do. It is my most favorite season. I love the whole look of it - from apples in September right on through pumpkins in October and November. One of the nice things about decorating for Halloween is being able to just remove a few black cats and mice on Nov. 1 and you're practically ready for Thanksgiving. Of course, in true Tyla fashion I only started decorating for the holiday today. Yep. Been off a whole week and I wait until the night before we go back to begin. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow evening.

P.S. A former co-worker's husband, from my days as a third grade teacher, passed away suddenly today. I'm sure my friend is just beside herself with grief. Please lift her and her family up in your prayers. I love you, Debbie.

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