Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Step Closer Thanks to Sonya Hamilton

You may or may not remember that I have been planning to redo John-Heath's room. Actually, I decided to redo it many moons ago. However, in usual Tyla fashion I have procrastinated. That's a shocker, right?

Soon after posting THIS, I began to pick up a few pieces to go in his new room, but I forbade myself from going ahead and painting until I was able to find the correct fabric for the drapes. You see, I have a bad habit of changing my mind. A lot. If I decided at some point I couldn't find the exact fabric I wanted it would be easy enough to return a lamp or pillow to a store or sell them in a yard sale, but fresh paint in an unusual color/pattern would be a complete waste. Therefore, his room stayed the same while the search for the fabric ensued.

Well, folks, a giant piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. After browsing online stores and some Nashville fabric houses (one of which is staffed with some people who couldn't have acted any colder had they been strapped to the top of a polar ice cap) I decided to just go to the source. So, I emailed Sonya Hamilton of Sonya Hamilton Interiors and she was able to secure for me the fabric I needed. Go here to check out her blog, full of all kinds of ideas on home decor.

The inspiration room.

Best of all, not only did she find the fabric, she personally delivered it to me...all the way from Oklahamo! Talk about great service! Actually, during our correspondence she realized I only lived a short distance from an interstate exit she would be passing on her way to a North Carolina vacation, so we met up yesterday outside an O'Charley's. Let me tell you, she is the nicest person. I could have talked with her for much longer and felt completely comfortable. In fact, so relaxed was our little 10 - 15 minute parking lot visit, I believe as we parted ways I said, "See ya later."

To see it in person the color is a little darker than it appears here - not quite so Volunteer orange. The top of the panels will be in a small brown/cream houndstooth. I think I am in love.

Now, off to pick out some paint. In a day or two.

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Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Oh, my word, Tyla! You are toooo sweet! I popped over here this evening because I realized I hadn't "followed" you and wanted to remedy that. Imagine my surprise when I read your post title! Thank you! It was equally as nice meeting you!
Can't wait to see the whole room redo!