Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Too Much Harper's + Too Little Exercise = Too Much Me (Part 3)

Most of the weight I’ve gained in the 22 years since marrying was gained during the first 2 years, with a little bit more over the course of having my two children. Sometimes I think, “Poor John. He didn’t marry this.” But then I remember what he gets to eat and how frequently he gets to eat it and how nothing is gained when he eats it and I don’t feel so sorry for him anymore.

Now, as anyone who has ever struggled with weight issues can attest, it can be crippling. The list of things I have refused to do over the years because of it, that the old me, the high school me, would have done in a heartbeat, might easily astonish you. It really is ridiculous what I have missed out on. Things like riding roller coasters, horseback riding, taking a cruise, parasailing, shopping at the cutest clothing stores, and having tons of family pictures taken (and being in them myself). I know you’re probably thinking that these things are not generally weight-restricted, but being restricted does not always manifest itself in the physical sense.

I know I need to do better, try harder, put forth some semblance of a real effort. I have approached an age where it becomes more about health and longevity than appearance. More importantly, I have a young teenage daughter who needs a good role model. And while I’m pretty sure I will never be the exact role model I’d like to be, I know I can do much better.

But it’s sooo hard, especially for someone like me who expects things to just fall in my lap and has almost a nonexistent willpower to boot. I suppose that’s why I decided to write about it publicly. Maybe by doing this I’ll be more motivated to keep at it. Not that the person from Idaho who checks out my blog from time to time would ever know whether I’m sticking with it or not - but I can pretend she does.

Well, thanks for joining in on my pity-party for the past three days. I hope I haven’t driven you away with all my bemoaning and sniveling.

Oh, and to answer a possible question some of you may have had...what is Harper’s and why is too much of it a bad thing? Harper’s is a little restaurant in a small Kentucky town not too far a drive from where I live that serves some of the best catfish (and slaw) anywhere around. I think its proper name is Harper’s Catfish, but anyone within a 50 mile radius knows it simply as Harper’s. As you can see by the picture you’re not going to leave feeling as if you’ve eaten at the former Tavern on the Green, but it’s not their aestheticism that packs the place on weekends. John and I usually order the adult fish dinner (so that we can split ours with John-Heath) but grown-ups can also order a child’s portion and it’s still a lot of fish. We also usually place an order via the cell phone as we get close and take ours home to eat. Kentucky has not yet jumped on the idea of no smoking in restaurants, like Tennessee, and my eyes and nose don’t handle smoke too well.


Anonymous said...

You go girl. We are all there in some form or fashion. Baby steps and perseverence...

DSKgoatiegal said...

I'm there with ya..I have a 4 yr old daughter and don't want her to miss out on life due to lack of self confidence she picked up from her mom. By the way, I've missed out on water parks ( Hmmmmm. wonder why???) along with the other things you mentioned....It kinda feels good to know someone else has felt the same things as I have. I'm in your cheering section!!! You have inspired me to maybe do the same as well!