Friday, September 17, 2010

And That's What It's All About

Here’s some news to send you on your weekend - courtesy of my ever-witty Ren. It seems the man who wrote the “Hokey Pokey” has died. According to reports the actual act of getting him into his casket was extremely problematic and took several hours to complete. And just why was that? Well, it seems they put the left leg in, they put the left leg out... Ba-dump-bump. (That's my lame attempt at an onomatopoeia for a rimshot)

We all thought that was pretty cute. And it made me wonder, just who did write the "Hokey Pokey"? So, I did a little googling. Turns out, a fellow by the name of Ronald Lawrence LaPrise from Idaho (and actually deceased since 1996) is said to have written the song in the late 1940s. Later, it appeared on the flip side of a 45 recording of “The Bunny Hop” by Ray Anthony. Of course, like so many other great songs before and after its time, the “Pokey” has had to contend with claims of ownership and copyright infringement, so we may never know all the facts. Sounds like it’s time for E’s True Hollywood Story to investigate.

Happy weekend, ya’ll!

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