Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Fall, Ya'll!!!

Well, it is officially fall. Yes, I know technically it became fall last week but today was Parent-Teacher conferences in our school system and this signals fall for me. We conferred today are now ready to begin fall break for a week. And I couldn’t be happier. For as long as I can remember this has been my favorite season. Certainly, there are things about the other seasons that I enjoy but there are also things about them for which I don’t particularly care.

I love snow in the winter, but there are times when it’s just too cold. Plus, my husband gets all grumpy each month when the electric bill arrives. Summers are nice in that we have a lot of vacation time and can swim and travel, but there are times when it’s just too hot. Plus, my husband gets all grumpy, again, when those bills start to arrive. Spring is lovely with all the new plant growth and those first days of warm breezes, but it can also rain a lot in the spring, and when this happens our gravel drive washes out (our house is on a hill) and my husband gets grumpy when we have to buy more.

But fall? There is NOTHING about FALL I don’t love. And I’ll be sharing those with you over the next few days.

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