Monday, November 18, 2013

Ren's College Debut

I thought I would share with you some thoughts and pics about/of Ren's first college level performance as Sabrina in A Servant of Two Masters.  As most of my close friends know, she is a theatre major at a nearby community college.  Next year (or perhaps the year after) she'll be headed off to a four-year school to continue her education. 

Doing a scene during a dress rehearsal

I have to admit, her dad and I (both in stable, predictable jobs) cautioned her in her choice of study.  Why not do this? Or, perhaps, that?  There has never been any question in our minds of her talent and potential, only worry on how tough and competitive a field it is in which to "make it".  And, of course, the thought that so many jobs in the field would require her to move from our little corner of the world has certainly given us a momentary pause.  Finally, we just decided she should do what will make her happy - and pray she can earn a living doing it at the same time.

Ren and her "love interest" in the play - Truffaldino.  This kid has an amazing amount of talent and Ren absolutely adored playing opposite him. 

The picture from a dress rehearsal that accompanied an article in the county paper about the play.

This particular night was made for Ren when her high school drama teacher surprised her by attending.

Well, so far, there's no doubting the happiness factor of her choice.  She is just thrilled with every single aspect of her major.  From classes to weekly Delta Psi Omega (ΔΨΩ) meetings to auditioning for and then performing in her first college play (not to mention the "after-parties") she is one happy girl. 

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