Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October in Review

Whaaattt???  We're already six days into November.  Yeah, well, when have I ever been on time with ANYTHING?

My plan - a plan...what a lofty idea - my plan was to do this little review here on Nov. 1.  Of course, things happen, life happens, I happen. 

But in the wee, small hours of this morning, the blogging gods smiled down and said, "Tyla, you need some time to blog."  And just like that I had a feverish son who had to stay home from school.  So, in between alternating the Tylenol and Motrin, disinfecting with Lysol, and changing out the dvds from Unstoppable to Glory to...well, whatever he wants to watch next, I have time, at last, to catch you guys up on what we've been doing.  I'm sure you've all been on pins and needles in anticipation of this.
Okay, these first four pics are from Ren's 18th birthday - which is at the end of September BUT couldn't be fully celebrated until the first of October because of absentee family members.  The first two pics are from her actual birthday evening - thrown in for good measure. 

with bestest buddies Austin and Caitlyn at the Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills

not cheesecake, but yummy just the same.  and cute

the second of the celebratory cakes

18 candles...and a little brother

Next up, it was time to celebrate my dad's birthday.  82 years young he was.

The third birthday celebrated within this two week period was my sister's.  She's ** years young.  I would never, ever divulge her age without her permission.  I'm a good little sister...born in 1970 when she was just shy of 17 years old.

Next up, we had hay mowing time on the farm, so I took advantage of the newly baled props and snapped a picture of John-Heath and neighbor girl Emma, who is also a classmate of his. 

I ask you, what October is complete without watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown? John-Heath talked Pa Gene and Ma-Ma into coming up one night and watching it with him.


We typically get together with my dad's side of the family on Easter and Christmas, but I've always thought it would be fun to have them up in the fall.  It was, and I think we may have begun a new tradition.  My cousin Tammy introduced us to the card game Fill or Bust.  What a blast!  I'm going to have to make sure I order this game.

the winners of Fill or Bust - momma and Tammy
(we're still waiting on the scoresheet to be officially checked, though)
Halloween Eve brought on some father-son pumpkin carving.

Finally, the day had arrived...HALLOWEEN! 
Wearing his soldier uniform to school.  Yes, it was his costume from last year, but as he explained it, there are new kids in his class this year that didn't get to see it then.
Going as the Mayhem guy from the All State commercials for trick-or-treating
The customary Halloween picture with the boys (aka Weston and Dylan)
Stopping by Aunt Deann's for some goodies.

Now, these final two pics are from a time-honored tradition among teens in the south.  Do people even roll in the north?  Am I being geographically insensitive in my thoughts about rolling?  I would be interested in hearing from some of my Yankee friends on this. 
Ren had been given a "heads up" by someone on the inside (or rather the close relative of someone on the inside) that this was going to happen.  But when Oct. 31 came and went, we thought we were in the clear.
I guess one shouldn't rule out the early morning hours of the weekend following Oct. 31.  Next year, I'm shipping Ren off to college.  Maybe if she's in Boston or Winston-Salem they'll travel there and just roll her dorm room or apartment.



Hope everyone's October was as wonderful as ours.  Now, on to Thanksgiving!

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