Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As any teacher can tell you, summer vacation is one of the (increasingly few) perks that come with the job.  No, that is not why most of us chose this profession and no we are not paid for this time out of school.  It's a perk - the same as getting a discount on a new car because you work for Nissan or saving x% every time you buy groceries because you work at Kroger.  I don't begrudge your perk and you shouldn't mine either.

Summer vacation is an even bigger perk if you have a family.  Now, that could very well be a reason many go into teaching.  I love being on the same schedule as my kids.  It's truly a blessing knowing I will be home when they are home. 

One of the downsides, though, to having such a regular, lengthy break from work- for me, at least - is that it tends to cause me to take time for granted.  If I don't finish that project this summer, there's always next summer.  If we don't go on that trip this summer, there's always next summer.  You get the idea.  And now projects are backing up, trips are going untaken, and time is running out.  Time is running out.

No, I've not been diagnosed with any life-threatening illness and I hope I never am.  But even if I live to be a ripe, old age I will never again have this time back, this summer back, or my kids at their present ages back. 

Ren is now driving and will be a senior next year.  A senior.  I am still having trouble fathoming that one.  John-Heath will be in the second grade.  Yes, he still has many years of school left but he is no longer my baby boy.  Okay, he will always be my baby boy, but his little curls have given way to a more boyish haircut and when he calls my name "mommy" has been replaced by "mom".

So, over the course of these next couple months I want time to count, which could include taking a trip, finishing a project or two, and even just snuggling together in the bonus room with popcorn and a movie. 

Time to start working on a bucket list for summer.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, Tyla, you hooked me from the beginning. It drives me crazy when I hear, "You get your whole summer off!" First, no I do not. Second, it's the time needed to detox from all of the government's demands of teachers!!! Then, you grabbed my heart. I am in the same position now that I was just a few short years ago - Caleb begins high school this fall. When Seth began his freshman year, I realized that in four short years he could go off and never come back - depending on what he wanted to do with his life. Now, Caleb's turn. The only 'advice' I can offer is to not worry about those projects and the things left undone. I'm sure my 'undone' list is as long as yours - and it still doesn't matter that it took 15 years to hang a single picture in our bedroom. Enjoy the kids, and John, and yourself... and, by the way, if you want to take a morning this summer to cut corn, let me know! :)

Michelle said...

I checked off the painting of my daughter's room on the summer bucket list! Too many sports practice/softball games/etc.., to attend to get anything else checked off yet! Have a great summer!

TheOneTrueSue said...

My husband is in grad school right now working on an educational counseling degree. He is excited about a lot of things about his future career, but I think he is MOST excited about having summers off. I don't see how it could ever, ever get old. :)

Tire Swing Mom said...

Oh, it never gets old...I just take it for granted. Good for you and your husband on his choice of degree. I think he'll find it a very gratifying endeavor.

Thanks for stopping by. I am a big "fan" of yours and am glad to see you writing more regularly again. :)

Tire Swing Mom said...


I am STILL not finished with Ren's room. Can you believe that??? At least you have been able to go on an awesome vacation so far. I'm still jealous. haha

Tire Swing Mom said...

Angie (aka Ms. Anonymous),

HAHA!!! I told you, that corn and kitchen stuff is just foreign to me. So, that's one thing that will go on my bucket list. lol