Monday, September 5, 2011

The ABC's of Me.

Okay, I first saw this over at Amy's Kitchen Table, who saw it at Artsy-Fartsy Mama, who saw it...well, you get the picture. And thank goodness they did and that I did!!! How would you have ever made it through the week without finding out 26 more things about me! The drought of inconsequential bits of information about all things me since I posted my "100 Facts About Me" Series last year has been as dry as my backyard (thankfully, though, it did get a little reprieve yesterday and today with some much needed rain).

So here goes. Was that a collective sigh I just detected or perhaps the rolling of eyeballs? And yes, I can detect when eyeballs roll - even from miles away. I have a teenage daughter, so I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

A. Age: 41

B. Bed: Queen (with a fairly new, fairly pricey, yet very uncomfortable, mattress). The only stipulation I would have should someone want to break into my house and rob me is that they must take the mattress, too.

C. Chore I Hate: Manually washing dishes (and folding/putting up clothes).

D. Dogs: Nope

E. Essential Start to My Day: If you want to get really technical about it, it’s a trip to the potty, which could come at various times in the A.M. But something that really gets me going is a cup of Joe once I get to work.

F. Favorite Color: It’s always been green.

G. Gold or Silver? Silver.

H. Height: 5 ft. 6ish

I. Instruments I Play: The piano since the 4th grade and various percussion instruments in high school band.

J. Job Title: Librarian, but in today’s fancy schmancy lingo loving world I suppose I would be called a Library Media Specialist.

K. Kids: Two, ten years apart.

L. Live: The Volunteer State

M. Maiden Name: What? Who are you people? The Secret Service? You want my social security number, too?

N. Nickname: Twyla. Thank you, Mr. Brown ;)

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: Three (two c-sections and an adios party for my gallbladder - which happened on Thanksgiving Day a couple months after Ren was born. Pumpkin pie from a hospital bed was just sooo special. You know I'm kidding, right?)

P. Pet Peeve: Oh, my. I’ve become such an A personality there are way too many to mention here. Ummm, here’s one. People who honk their horns at the car in front of them the moment the light changes from red to green. Okay, one more. People who make fun of people for saying "honk" instead of "blow".

Q. Quote: " 'Shine', said the moon. And so I did."

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty! And how my husband, also a righty, and I managed to have two lefties, I’ll never know.

S. Siblings: One, my sister Shelia, whom I have always called Sissy because, I guess, I couldn’t pronounce her name when I was little.

T. Time I Wake: Unfortunately, I have a mortgage which dictates I work, which dictates I rise around 6:00ish, which is when I am still in REM mode.

U. University Attended: A swell little local community college for my A.S., a not-so-hot-to-trot university for my B.S. (if you live in the Nashville area and want advice I can definitely tell you of which one to steer clear), and Western Kentucky University for my M.S.

V. Vegetable I Dislike: I’m not particularly fond of brussel sprouts.

W. What Makes Me Run Late: Genetic engineering.

X. X-rays I’ve Had: Once for a broken arm. I was 5 and in kindergarten. I played a game of “Jump or Get Pushed” with some kids in my neighborhood. I didn’t jump.

Y. Yummy Foods: Just about everything except brussel sprouts. And hominy. I’ve never had it, but yuck!

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: Stuffed ones in the gift shop. Sorry, but I’m a big chicken around wildlife.

Well, if you're still here, there you have it.

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Farmchick said...

I also did graduate work at WKU!