Thursday, November 1, 2012

Twenty-Two Days of Thanks

On this first day of November, I thought it would be good to begin reflecting upon those things in life for which I'm thankful (not that we shouldn't take time to do this the other eleven months of the year).  So, each day, and in no particular order, I plan to examine something I am blessed to have in this life.  Then every few days I'll share them with you - my friends.  I'd be willing to bet my list will be strikingly similar to one you would make yourself.  And, as I believe all blessings come from above, allow me to publicly thank the bestower of my bounty as I make my way through my list.  Here goes. 

Day One

Thank you, Lord, for the two children you have entrusted in my care.  They are  my masterpiece, and even though there are many days when our life together looks and feels more like this than this, they are my beautiful contribution to this world.

My work of art
(well, mine and John's)

Ren just being Ren

John-Heath unusually still
(it didn't last long)

I see the moon and the moon sees me

Relaxin' on the road trip

Just doing what she loves

All ready to hunker down and ride out an evening of thunderstorms

Doing her best "J.R. Ewing"

A fun evening at Dick's Last Resort - Nashville

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