Monday, June 18, 2012

Down on the Farm

If you’ve visited with me much at all here at Tire Swings (or wandered in by accident while doing a Google search for swing set and play fort companies and stayed at least long enough to read the “about me” blurb) you know that I live in a small Southern town - the same town I have always lived in, and let me go ahead and say there are both pros and cons to doing such.  

Now, even though my mail is stamped with the same zip code as it was when I was younger, my surroundings are quite a bit different.  You see, I was raised in town.  I could practically reach out my bedroom window and into the window of my neighbor to change the channel on his bedside television.  In fact, such close proximity supplied my room with free cable for years, which was great for a kid growing up during the early years of MTV.

Upon marrying, though, I moved to the country - a whopping 5 minute drive away during high traffic times - to live within the boundaries of my husband’s family farm.  Initially (and by initially I mean 15 years or so), it was not such a good fit.  Think of me as a much less glamorous version of Lisa Douglas from Green Acres.  I knew almost nothing about farm life.  In fact, so little did I know that my father-n-law, who was not known for his soft, kind demeanor, upon his first time in asking me to lend him a hand with something in the barnyard, said - and I quote - “I ought to kick your momma’s a_ _.  You don’t know anything.”  So, I thought it might be best to learn something. *Insert sigh here*

I would look through magazines and see some picture of a fresh looking farm wife handing her handsome husband a glass of iced tea with a sprig of mint as he set on a tractor and think How sweet!  I can do that.  

Unfortunately, those pictures left out a few teeny, tiny details.  Unshown in the romanticized, Southern Living version of farm life was the cow crap one would have to bypass along the way (dried, wet, and/or oh so super fresh and green) OR the dozens of huge flies swarming around  - the likes of which would have been enough to weaken the resolve of even the most stubborn of pharaohs - OR the snakes (both real and imagined) OR the very large cows (hellooo...some with horns).  

So,  I came to a few conclusions early on...1.) John should always take a thermos with him when leaving to to do any work on the farm  2.) Lisa Douglas could run circles around me and 3.) I am okay with that.

Let's hope they don't take after their mom.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Tyla, we really should have been the spend-the-night-together kind of friends in school. I could have spared you so much, especially in the cow and pig poo department. I wonder sometimes, though, if you aren't better off! Who wants poo in their life story? :) Angie

Tire Swing Mom said...

Angie, I don't know that it would have helped, but I will say that it would be nice to know a few things about gardening, etc. You know...all those foreign sounding concepts like freezing corn and canning tomatoes. :)