Monday, March 26, 2012

Sock Ninjas

I have to share with you a little conversation I had with my son this past Friday morning. It happened as he and I were getting ready to leave for school just before we walked out the door. I was standing at the end of the counter loading the bag I take with me each day when I noticed John-Heath bend down to adjust his (crew) socks, which were then kind of just pushed down and not folded into a neat cuff as they had been when he first dressed.

John-Heath: Now, mom, don’t be mad but Chase likes ‘em.

Me: (thinking this is an odd statement) Likes what? Your socks?

John-Heath: No, my ninjas.

At this point he shows me four tiny toy ninjas he has hidden – two in each sock.

Me: John-Heath, you can’t take those to school. Ms. Timberly will not want you to have those in class.

John-Heath: Oh, I don’t get them out in class. Me and Chase (remember, he’s six so his grammar is still developing) like to play with them outside at recess.

Me: Well, then why are you putting them in your socks?

John-Heath: Because I don’t want my teacher to see them or my art teacher or music teacher or the cafeteria teachers…

Me: Okay, but if Ms. Timberly sees them while you’re outside playing and tells you to put them up you need to mind her. It will make Ms. Timberly very sad if you don’t.

John-Heath: Oh, she won’t. We play behind where the teachers sit and if they come over there I just hide them in my socks again.

Then as I dropped him off at school and gave him a kiss goodbye he reminded…

Now, mom, if you call up here today please don’t tell them about the ninjas in my socks.

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Michelle said...

I wish my second grade students were this thoughtful about their belongings! So cute and I hope you didn't tell the teacher!